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Our team of professionals have been operating throughout the industry for a number of years. Within this time, they have grown with the industry and have kept up to date with the latest industry innovations and developments. For you, this means that you will be receiving the most efficient solutions to help reduce your energy leakage and decrease your carbon footprint.

Take a look below at a few of the different solutions that we have found to be most effective for our customers. If there is a service that you are interested in and want to find out more, feel free to get in touch. Call us on 07580 260 006 or 0161 947 0060.

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Boiler Replacements

Our team of professionals will evaluate your existing boiler and carry out a range of tests and checks. They will assess the condition of your boiler and evaluate if the cost of a newly installed boiler would outweigh the savings you will experience from a more efficient system. On average, a new boiler will bring a 5-10% saving in the first 5 years.

Radiator Backboards

Another energy-saving solution that our team has found is installing a 15 mm thin foil-backed plaster sheet behind your radiator. This installation means that the foil can reflect heat energy back into the radiator that would otherwise be absorbed into the walls. Our team estimate an increase of 20% for energy efficiency.

Power Flushing

Over time, your radiators and pipes can become blocked by debris and a build-up of sludge.  Our team of professionals will be able to blast a concentrate of cleaning products through the system, dislodging the blockages and allowing for heat energy to flow through more efficiently.

Our team estimate an energy saving of up to 5% per annum.

Cavity Wall & Roofing Insulation

Insulation is a protective barrier found both in between your walls, cavity walls,  and lining your roof.  Insulation is created using fibreglass, and the air pockets that are found within the system can trap heat energy. In turn, this prevents the heat from your property from escaping.

On average, our customers have found a yearly saving of £205 a year on their heating bills.

Solid Wall External Insulation

Our team of professionals will drill tiles onto the outer walls of your property, providing a layer of insulation that will protect your brickwork. This option can also help to improve the look of your property and replace any old rendering, as well as protecting your property from build-ups of damp.

On average, solid wall insulation boosts energy savings by 35%.

Window Glazing

You will be able to choose from double or triple insulated windows to help reduce the amount of heating energy that is leaked through your windows. This system creates a vacuum gap, which makes it harder for heat energy to transfer.

Another protective layer you can apply is Solar Glass. This allows heat energy from the sun to enter your property but restricts heat energy from leaving.

Our customers have experienced a 10% savings in their heating bills.

  • Automated Vent System
  • Passive Vent System
  • Double Glazing
  • Triple Glazing
  • Glazing Replacment
  • Solar Glass
  • Draught Proofing
  • Eco Floor Insulation

Toilet Duct

Our team will install this device into all your toilet systems and reduce the water flow for each flush. In turn this will increase the efficiency of the system and decrease the water flow by up to 50%!

Eco Shower Head

Using clever engineering, this shower head reduces the amount of water used but at the same time gives the impression of higher water pressure. You will find that each shower will have a reduction of water used by up to 50%.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Installed below bathrooms taps and basins, this valve regulates the temperature of water by mixing hot & cold to ensure a safe temperature and to reduce the amount of water wastage.

Pressure Reducing Valve

Another method to reduce water wastage is a reduction in the pressure of each tap. This valve will protect against excessive supply pressure and in turn, reduce the amount of water wasted.

Water Filter Cartridge

A Water Filter Cartridge is fitted at the source of your kitchen sink and works to purify the water. It cleanses water of chlorine and bacteria whilst ensuring that the essential minerals in water are not compromised, thereby improving the taste and smell of your tap water. This provides your family with access to safe, pure drinking water as an alternative to buying bottled water.

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